About Us FAQ

Can we do full colours on a mobile callout?

Answer: We focus on haircuts when doing mobile callouts to your home. For involved colours with foils, we advise to visit us in salon for a more comfortable experience. Some basic colours can be done in your home depending on our ability to connect rinsing equipment.


Are we covid safe?

Answer: We are a fully registered covid safe business and ensure our covid plan is in action with every client. We ensure new customers are in a healthy state, have not been around anyone unwell and have not been near a hotspot or overseas recently. Hand sanitiser is used and workstations sterilized after each use. Record keeping and correct numbers in our salon are adhered to strictly.


Are we a home based salon?

Answer: Yes, we are a home occupation. In our many years experience, working in this format  enables us to give customers our full attention and the correct amount of time required. This helps achieve the best outcome! A more personalised appointment tailored to your needs.



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